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Long time lurker, first time poster from Canada

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Long time lurker, first time poster from Canada

Enjoying the information I've been finding here, so I thought I'd sign up.

Been baking bread every weekend since I took an evening course at the community college here - never looked back.  I bake by weight, not volume (which makes it hard to share recipes with other foodies)

Some of my goodies:  a baguette

100% spelt bread

Chocolate chip-orange

Hoping to keep picking up new information, and maybe share some, too.

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Welcome, fellow Torontonian.  Good to have you.  Best username by the way.


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Not a Torontonian - think further north in the 807 area code.



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North of Toronto? I don't think there's anything there.

(former long-time resident of western canada here ;)

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Welcome to TFL - but I don't understand why you think it is difficult to share recipes because you use weight, not volume measurements.  I think it's the other way around so I normally avoid all recipes listed by volume.

Scaling is the only avenue to accuracy in a formula and most bakers here have scales and use them.

Enjoy the site.

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...but hard to share with folks who may be baking for the first time and balk at buying a set of scales JUST for that, or people who have baked so much bread, they do it by feel/intuition (they don't own a scale because they learned "with their hands" from the feel of the dough).

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Hi, You'll have no difficulty sharing weight recipes on here.

Along with LindyD and myself, there are a number of us who avoid volumetric recipes all together

Welcome to TFL


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Along with LindyD and myself, there are a number of us who avoid volumetric recipes all together

Ditto to that. I'd be surprised if MOST folk on here didn't far prefer weights.


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Mini Oven

This is a huge pool of information and we love getting wet.  Yummy looking breads! 

Feel free to type anything into the site search box, it's the closest thing we have to an index and recipes are scattered all over the place.  If you find something you want to get back to, click on the "save to favorites" at the bottom of the topic's first entry and the title will appear under your "My account"  where you can easily pull it up.

Mini in Austria

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Looks good.  Welcome to the site!

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Mmm, your spelt bread looks delish:)  I love spelt, hoping to one day bake a loaf that looks like yours.