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late to the party

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late to the party

Hello, all you bakers.  I stumbled upon this fabulous website while browsing KAF.  I was given an Artisan KA mixer as a gift and JUMPED  into the art of bread baking.   Baked ciabatta (a moderate failure, but taste was good), baguettes (witha correct pan-you know-the one with the holes), which we turned into brushetta), and parker house rolls.  I find that all you bakers have so much knowledge I'm not familiar with.  Can you recommend a book or website that speaks to me in primary school terms?


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Check out the lessons, handbook, and video tabs at the top of the page for a start.

And welcome to TFL.

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Laurale, Hi and welcome to the Fresh Loaf!  Good to have others here who are starting out on a different path to breadmaking.  I've been baking most of my adult life and come from three generations of bread bakers.. but we baked them for daily sustenance and necessity, and had no idea that artisan baking could be achieved at home.  The lessons here are extremely helpful and if you're already a fairly experienced baker, which it sounds as if you are, some info might be redundant, but definitely, important as it all starts coming together. 

One book I would recommend is Bread by Jeff Hamelman and it has personally helped me, a veteran bread baker, but beginner artisan baker learning new techniques.  There is a tab at the top called Book Reviews and #1 there is Bread Bakers Apprentice.  I have that one too.. it's really a great book.  The nice thing about this site is that it is filled with lessons, techniques, tips and tricks for beginners to experienced bakers at home and in the professional setting.  It's amazing here and everyone is so generous with their formulas and techniques.  It's a very unusual community!

The one thing I'd advise is use caution not to fall into the trap of "I have to use this mixer or that type of flour or this pan."  For now, tackle the basics and have some fun!  It's been a few years that I've been seriously baking more at home and I'm only now seriously reconsidering getting a new mixer for breads as it has become quite apparent that my KitchenAid Pro Model is not cutting it for the big jobs like stiffer doughs, etc.  I love my KA though.. it has been my constant kitchen companion for many years.  There are two appliances I can't live without.. my Kitchen Aid and my coffee maker!  LOL 

Again welcome.