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Hazelnut and Fig Sourdough (a.k.a. Jeffrey Hamelman's Prune and Hazelnut)

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Hazelnut and Fig Sourdough (a.k.a. Jeffrey Hamelman's Prune and Hazelnut)

Hi All,

First of all, thanks to all the advices for my last week's bake (Semolina Sourdough), where I had problems with the bursting loaves, which, as suggested, was resulted from the underproofing. I have tried creating warmer proofing environment (as it is now approx 7c at night in Australia) by putting a bowl of hot water next to the dough. And they both sit inside a big plastic bag.  This seems to solve the least, the loaves weren't bursting at the last bake.

I made hazelnut and fig sourdough by following recipe from Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread book. The recipe actually called for prunes but I have substituted it for dried figs.

Figs and hazelnuts gave a really nice flavours and texture to the crumbs. A small amount of butter in the recipe also helps soften the crumb. I find that the loaves didn't have the big open crumbs, which could be a result of high percentage of wholemeal flour in the recipe. Plus, I also use rye starter.

Thank again to all for your advices.....I love this site...and you guys are great:)



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Those are great looking loaves! I love your pics! Care to share the recipe? My father in-law loves dried figs!


Happy baking!

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Sorry for late reply...been a bit's the recipe from Bread, by Jeffrey Hamelman.

Roasted hazelnut and prune (fig) bread...

Made 2 large loaves

Stiff levain build

bread flour 6.4 oz

water 3.8 oz

mature culture 1.3oz

Final dough

bread flour 1lb, 1.6 oz

whole-wheat flour 8 oz

water 1lb, 1.3 oz

butter, soft 1.6 oz

salt .6 oz (1T)

yeast .17 oz, instant dry (1 1/2 tsp)

levain 10.2 oz (all less 2 T + 1 tsp)

hazelnuts (roasted and skinned) 4 oz

dried prunes, coarsely chopped (I used figs in this recipe) 4 oz

1. Make the final build approx 12 hours before the final mix.

2. Add all ingredients to the mixing bowl, except hazelnuts and prunes (fig). Mix on first speed for 3 mins, Turn the mixer to second speed and mix for approx 3 mins more, to moderate gluten development. Add the nuts and prunes (fig) and mix on first speed just until they are evenly incorporated.

3. Bulk fermentaion 1-1.5 hrs

4 Fold after 45 mins.

5.Divide the dough into 1.5 pound pcs, and final proof fir 1 hr.

6. Bake with normal steam at 460f for 40-45 mins. Lower th oven temp to 420f after 15 mins to avoid excessive browning due to the prunes (fig).