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Why is my dough soft?

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Why is my dough soft?

I made cinnamon rolls for the second time this week and the second time I made them I used a slightly different recipe, but the cinnamon roll dough came out much different. The second time I made the dough after I let the dough rise it seemed so much softer and less firm. I was wondering if by chance the less firm dough is artifact of a different recipe or from letting the dough rise too long. They came out fine as an end result, but I just found that when I was handling the cinnamon rolls before I placed them in the oven they were substantially less firm and more floppy.                  

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How about this: my new car is a whole lot faster than my old car.  Any ideas why?

If I want an answer to my question, I'm going to have to give you a lot more information.  Things like vehicle types and models, engine size, fuel, carburetted or turbocharged, transmissions, and so on.

And for anyone to answer your question, you will have to provide a lot more information, too.  Things like the two different formulae, times, temperatures, how each was handled, etc.  Off-hand, the softer one might have higher hydration and/or fat content but that's a complete shot in the dark, as guesses go.

Help us help you and the answers will be a lot more on target.  Come back soon with info!