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Lenora's Yeast Rolls, parker-house style

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Lenora's Yeast Rolls, parker-house style

My first all-bread cookbook was Bernard Clayton's, and I've got several favorites in there. But right now my kids' favorite is Lenora's yeast rolls, so I made some tonight to go with dinner. 

They go together quickly, have a wonderful texture, and make great mini sandwiches (my son splits them like a taco, fills the inside and chows down). 


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Nice uniform, and no doubt, delicious rolls.  Ray

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They look like little smiley faces - just ready to be eaten.  :)  Lovely

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I want one with butter please!!  Where's the recipe??

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This is my all-time favorite roll recipe.  Love the wonderful compliments they receive from kids and adults.  They do indeed have a lovely texture and that "bite" that comes from the mashed potato...Thanks for posting your photo and telling how your son splits and fills them like a taco!  I love that image in my head and want to try that next time I make them.

I once brought some (just regular bun shaped) to a party and two teenage girls who couldn't stop eating them put a couple on skewers and roasted them over the fire while others were making s'mores.  It still makes me laugh.