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London bakeries & bread baking utensils

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London bakeries & bread baking utensils



I'm travelling to London for a week later this month and really want to visit a good bakery. Any recommendations?


I'm also looking for a good shop to pick up a few good baking utensils, again any recommendations would be a great help.


Many thanks in advance.

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My favorite breads in London come from:

-Poilane (French)

-Le Pain Quotidien (Belgian)

-De Gustibus


-Daylesford Organic

-Paul (French)

-Princi (Italian)

-Ottolenghi (all the other food at this restaurant is also amazing)

-Old Post Office Bakery

-& Clarke's


London is a fabulous place to eat good bread. Enjoy!


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I'd second Ottolenghi - look out for the cakes and salads also!

Kind regards,  Daisy_A

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patricia hains

You might want to check out Carl Shavitz in London.  He teaches classes and would know about baking utensils.  He also supplies his bread to local restaurants.  I took a class from him in Italy a year ago.  He also teaches classes in the US.  His contact information is on his website:  Artisan-bread

Have a fabulous trip!

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thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to checking out some of your suggestions.

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Well it's too late for your trip carnub, but for others there's also Rhodes bakery in Greenwich and ST Johns Bread and Wine near Liverpool Street station. Euphorium bakery in Islington isn't bad either...

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LuLu B

the exeter street bakery has fantastic fococcia.

I hope you had a great trip,