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Slashing dough

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Crumbly Baker

Slashing dough

I've been baking for a few years now, and this is something I just don't understand.  I have my loaves proved and ready to bake, so I slash the top, and, THE DARN THING COLLAPSES!

These aren't sourdoughs or anything.  Just regular loaves.

A few slashes and they are reduced to flat pieces of almost useless bread.


Any thoughts please?

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I would try to prove the bread for less time in the first instance.



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If they're collapsing when you score them, they are way overproofed.

The dough should not be more than 85% proofed before loading.  If it's 100% proofed, there's no place to go but down.

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Crumbly Baker

This was my feeling, too.  Will try to have a better go next time.



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When you suspect they are fully proved dont give them the oppertunity to deflate try putting them in very gently  and they may hold up for you!

i dont always slash my bread or if i do i do it early or with sour dough it usually under proofed anyway so will take the treatment

regards yozza