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Bottom of the bread tends to curve outside in...

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Bottom of the bread tends to curve outside in...

My breads tend to curve at the bottom, curving outside in.... I'm not sure why and it's starting to bother me.

It happens mostly with my hearth baking breads like ciabattas, but can also happen with breads baked in pans (although it's less noticeable).

Any ideas?


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Do you mean concave; sides going in at the middle?

If so, bread is usually under-baked.   It can also mean that the amylase activity is too rapid leading to gummy dextrin and a loaf which can't support itself properly.

Photos would be very helpful



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Thanks Andy,

I meant just that. And it makes sense, since it is often gummy inside.

I'll be sure to post a picture next time I encouter this problem.