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baking in summer

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baking in summer

Morning everyone, I'd like to know if making a sourdough starter from scratch with high temps (let's say above 30) involves something three weeks I leave to Italy for a month and do not feel very confident about taking a portion of my dry sourdough around different airports..Any suggestion? Happy baking from Quito. Paolo

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I made my usual buttermilk sourdough bread the other day, temp around 28C, and it rose beautifully.  From what I've read, sourdough responds very well to temps over 30C.

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ciao paolo

I'm writing to you from Milano where temperature can go now up to 100F-104F in daytime.I still bake- the proofing times are shorter. If I use a mature mother, I mix the dough and let it rise for 2/2.30 hours at room temperature, folding every hour. I shape it and then I refrigerate it straight away. Next day I bake the loaf immediately, scoring it first and putting it in a cold oven.

if u start yr starter from scratch you must feed it more regularly.

Just out of curiosity, for the last few weeks I have been feeding my starter (left at room temperature) in the mornings and in the evenings (a 100% hydr. starter using 10g old starter each time and feeding it with 50g each flour and water each). By using such tiny quantities I was able to refresh it often, without wasting a lot of flour.

The loaves worked fine. ciao. stefano