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hello from the youngest baker :)

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hello from the youngest baker :)

correct me if I'm wrong, but at 14 I think I'm probably the youngest user on TFL!! :) as an introduction... I'm a high school sophomore that hates fast food and take out pizza. I have been told many times that I'm crazy, but I love "gourmet" foods, and I've been cooking for a couple years now!!! Lately I've been making all my family's meals, which my mom loves :) But a few days ago I stumbled across this sight looking for a pita bread recipe (which by the way, I've made twice now, and with a spread of homemade hummus, is simply amazing!!) and decided to explore a bit... after reading the lessons, I was hooked. I've made some simple loaves of whole wheat bread before, and made a failed attempt on french bread. armed with a new bag of bread flour, I tried jason's quick ciabatta, and came out with a decent-looking but great tasting loaf! I am in the middle of trying it again, and it's going much better! I am very excited to try more recipes, and eventually make great artisan bread!!

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Hi maylieQ,

Welcome to TFL and good going on all you've achieved cooking family meals, appreciating good food and now bread baking! You've done great if you've made Jason's ciabatta because it's quite a wet dough to work with. Hope you find lots to inspire you on the site.

Best wishes,  Daisy_A


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I too dislike fast food and take out pizza and I have been told many times that I am crazy... for any number of reasons.  My soul is about the same age as you but my body has been around a few decades longer.  Keep cooking and keep baking as these are essential skills that everyone should have and will need.  Welcome to this site and I hope that you are able to glean useful information here.


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It is marvelous to hear that there are some young gourmandes out there developing into gourmets. My love of cooking started at 14 personally but 16 years later it is still going strong. Fast food is an abomination and don't let your friends tell you otherwise. My co-workers razz me and chuckle from time to time, but prompty shut up when I bring them some truffles or fresh hummus.


Baking is a different animal from cooking. While both are forgiving arts you can immediately see the results of your cooking experiment. I have learned to just trust in the process of those who have come before when it comes to baking. There have been many times when baking bread or pastry that I say to myself, "this just is not right", I buck the process and the results are less than desirable. However when I follow the process and take that pasty dough, let it ferment in the fridge overnight and in the morning voila, beautiful bread.


Keep on keepin on. It is a great road.

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Congratulations!  And welcome to TFL and the world of baking bread.  More than better pizza and bread you have the experience of being the baker chef making family members happy.  Your friends will come around and who knows how many bakers you will inspire.

I have been baking bread since I was about 15.  I have taught a number of people to bake a couple of breads. That is fun also.


Happy baking,




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You're not the only teen that likes good breads. In my bread baking classes I had 12- and 14-year olds, and even 7-year old twins, who were very motivated and eager to learn.

I also started baking cakes at your age, but breads only since I came to the US in 2001 (there's a lot of good bread in Germany, but, alas, not in Maine).


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thank you all!! I'm very excited with the result of my bread this time... it may not be perfect, but it was much closer... and very delicious!


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Your bread looks aboslutely fantastic! What wonderful crumb you achieved.

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The ciabatta looks wonderful! And I though I was the youngest on TFL (just turned 15) This is a super website and it already looks like your off to a great start!

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Hi maylieQ,

That looks like a good ciabatta - great crumb and crust! Glad it tastes good also.

Kind regards, Daisy_A

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Wow this is beautiful...I wish I could do that at 14/15. I'm nearly 59 and have only just started to take up bread baking recently.  I'm no where close to what you have achieved, maybe I just don't have the natural talent to be a good baker or as they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Keep up the good work. I'd love to follow your progress, it would also be a form of motivation for myself to keep learning and hope to improve my skills.