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Homemade Farfalle Pasta Salad for July 4th

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Homemade Farfalle Pasta Salad for July 4th

Tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and farfalle are all that is needed for this fresh pasta salad that you can prepare a day ahead. Great for a a July 4th cookout.

It can be fast and easy, or it can take a LITTLE MORE TIME.




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Iam sure this is some savoury homemade pasta YUM but what does it have to do with baking? :P just kiding. Nice work

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The salad looks very good, but I have to pass on pasta most of the time, it just shoots the old sugars up teriffically. I wonder if you could make buckwheat into the pasta and that would certainly help, not noodles but the shaped pastas like this.

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You certainly could try. It won't taste the same, but basil, garlic, and tomatoes are all wonderful fresh flavors and I'm sure that you will create something that you would enjoy.  Give it a try!