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Man, this bread baking idea was a good one!

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2bamstrbkr's picture

Man, this bread baking idea was a good one!

Well I think I have officially decided to stop buying bread at the store and just start baking my own here at the house. For this (My 2nd Loaf) loaf I used the receipe in lesson two. I forgot to score it before baking, but it came out delicious anyway.



Daisy_A's picture

Wow that looks good! Yes do stop buying it at the store now!

Kind regards,  Daisy_A

alabubba's picture

Very nice loaf. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. It tastes better and does not require a degree in biochemistry to know whats in it.

amauer's picture

It is a lovely loaf and looks very tasty. This site is addicting and is very informative. I am baking 2 loaves of wheat sourdough and two white sourdough this afternoon. They both look great on rising. I shall see! Andrea

2bamstrbkr's picture

Thank you Daisy, I will!

alabubba, your're right, there is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Thank you, amauer! Good luck on your sourdough. I began a starter yesterday and hoping I did it right. We'll see!



fethiye's picture

Excuse my ignorance but which lesson 2 did you follow? The bread looks great, would like to try myself.

JBeddo's picture

Looks Great! Quitting buying bread is a great way to go it's been about three years since there was any store bought bread in our house except for a couple of packages of hamburger buns. Have Fun!

jyslouey's picture

I believe its lesson 2 taken from "Lessons" of TFL website.  This website is awesome and I've learnt a lot just by reading the posts. 

jyslouey's picture

The loaf looks great.  I wouldn't mind trying the recipe out for myself, except I work with grams and it's difficult for me to tell how much a cup of flour it approx. 125grms?

gary.turner's picture

Dry capacity measures don't translate well to weights, which is, of course, why we prefer to use weights.  As long as you keep proportionate, the actual value doesn't matter, but yes, a cup is approximately 125g.  That's a good number for calculations.

Other common (rough) measures: 1 tsp = 5ml; 1t = 15ml;



2bamstrbkr's picture


The link is here or you can go to lesson at the top of the "TFL" page and click on lesson two: puting something more into your loaf.


Sorry jyslouey, I don't have the conversions nor a scale so I can't help you there.



fethiye's picture

Thank you, I will try that link for the lessons. I have been baking bread, but mostly following some other recipes here and there...

nicodvb's picture

and with a great crumb