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Slashing dough

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Upper Crust

Slashing dough

Any tips for slashing the dough before baking?

Mine always goes a bit deformed once it's baked.

I have one of those proper razor slicey-things, but they still don't look great.

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your slashing movement must be quick. That said, it should be in a single motion. Also, the blade should be sharp enough so you don't tear the dough. The slash should be no more than about 1/4 inch deep. This will let the bread expand, let out any extra gas during baking and, if successful, make for a beautiful loaf.

Hope this helps,


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Upper Crust

thanks for the link and tips

I have a lame which is nice and sharp, but it seems to catch on the dough and drag it. When i do get what looks like a good slice, it comes out the oven ugly looking.

Guess i just need to keep practicing.

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Dip or coat the blade in flour.This makes a nice clean cut without pulling the dough....... sometimes

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everyone seems to emphasize on how sharp the lame should be to score, but forget or chose to forget that a vital component to obtaining a successful cut on anybread is development of the dough gluten. During mixing, fermentation, and final proofing, dough must be manipulated in a way so as to maintain a seamless smooth side which is stretched to form a skin. Once the seamless smooth side is well established, and the dough holds shape well, scoring can be easily achieved.


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Thanks for that.