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not bread- but home cooking!

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not bread- but home cooking!

Hope it's OK to post a non - bread item here -if not, apologies!
i've just bought Oded Schwartz' "Preserving" and am fascinated by the range of produce he preserves and lots of the recipes. Dying to get started on some - they'll go so well with sourdough bread!
Has anyone used this book, any comments to make regarding it! I'd love to hear other peoples views.

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I am very interested in home preserving and had to be very strong to walk away from fresh sevile oranges on sale this morning as I DO NOT have time to make marmalade at the moment ... or so I am trying to persuade myself.

I was very intrested in your book but at £65 sterling according to Amazon I shall have to content myself with my 1960s home preserving book from the Ministery of Agrciulture, fisheries and food complete with my Mum's notes :).

Let us know how you get on though as I agree there is nothing better for homemade bread.