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dough unrisen

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dough unrisen

Created a pate fermente for use in PRs Vienna Bread recipe. The fermente had been developed over several days with

 a high sour taste but not what I would describe as a starter. I mixed a tsp. of dry yeast into the flour

combo and kneaded for rising. Result:  no rise and a dense yukhee bread. What went wrong? Please


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Have you checked your yeast to see if it's still good?

What was your flour to water ratio by weight?

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victoria louise

Sounds like your yeast is barely working if at all.  Did you refrigerate your pre-ferment?  If you developed pre-ferment at room temp you may have exhausted it.  But that would not account for freshly added yeast.  Buy new yeast and try again.  Next try should be successful and delicious!

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I would need details of the feeding regime to create your "starter" [pate fermentee is old dough, and should not be more than 24 hours old, preferably held in the chiller meantime]

I think your pre-ferment is too acidic for any yeasts to thrive, from your description above.

Best wishes


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I think you've got it. The high acid content of the pre-ferment attacked and won over the little yeasties. Will go for it once more and thanks for your interest Andy.