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Hello from New England (NH)

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Hello from New England (NH)

Hey everybody, it looks like I have found the site I have been looking for!

I have been wanted to make an earthen oven for quite a while now, well my wife and I just bought a house and now have some space for one!  I am planning on starting construction in July, I can't wait!  This site looks like it has a lot of great information and knowledgeable people.  I am sure I will have tons of questions as I get closer to the build and then even more once I start cooking in the oven.



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I'm also from NE - I'm in MA. Although I mostly lurk here, I can't stay away - this has to be the best flour-based forum that's in the ether-space. :P

I am so jealous of your plans for an earthen oven - please keep up posted on the progress, along with photos. Have you been baking bread for awhile?

I love to make pizza - oh, my stomach is growling just thinking of pizza baked in an outdoor oven... and on this cool, cloudy morning, it sounds just about perfect!


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Hi, am soon too be moving to CT and am considering a outside oven. Earth would be  easier to live with than some solid monster. Keep us posted.

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I found directions from Mother Earth News that I want to put to use this summer...

Build Your own Wood-fired Earth Oven

This article was later turned into a book that gets pretty good reviews.  Where I live in Central Texas, I'll be using limestone and caliche clay. 

I suspect that we'll be invited to continue this discussion Brick and earth ovens forum, where othersite members that have built/are building these ovens have posted mucho wisdom that we can adapt to the best-laid of plans.

Welcome to the site!

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Thanks for all the replies.  I have been making pizzas for a long time, but just recently got into breads.  My wife has been a big bread maker for a while now and is just as excited about this oven as I am.  I will move this discussion over to the WFO section when I start really getting into the process.

I do have the book you Serenityhill, I also have a very old book that is not published anymore called "the bread ovens of quebec" which is a pretty neat read actually.  I am going to be using a field stone base about 3 feet high and then a mud dome oven with a brick floor and door.  I am shooting for between 4-5ft diameter.  I am planning on using the sand form method and have not decided between a 1, 2, or 3 layer version yet.

Again, thanks for all the replies and I look forward to getting some great feedback from the forums and hopefully I can contribute some, even though I am still a novice and just getting into all this baking.  I have loved cooking in general for years, but baking is a new hobbie.

also, glad to see there are a bunch of New Englander's here!