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Porter Rye

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Porter Rye

This week is Philadelphia Beer week and a local artisan brewery has teamed up with a bakery to make a Porter Rye bread. I was wondering if anyone out there had some good recipes for a beer loaf. It doesnt have to be Porter and it doesnt have to be Rye. I am just looking to see how beer is incorporated into making a load of artisan style bread.



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Postal Grunt

Jeff Hamelman's book, "Bread", has a beer bread formula that he developed after spending time working in German bakeries during the 70s. He relates that beer bread is a staple product for many German bakeries. It appears to substitute beer for a portion of the water used in the loaf. I haven't tried baking that bread, yet.

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This was my first attempt at beer (Guinness) in bread. It has been posted many times so I am sure you have seen it before.. It is Guinness and walnut.

There is no water whatsoever in it, it is a recipe I made up myslf and all who taste it love it...... qahtan

This one was ale.



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Thanks for the info! Much to look through here.

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It's funny you posted this, I have recently been using ales, porters and stouts in my bread. I just take my basic lean sourdough recipe and substitute beer for the water.

I make sure it is room temp and flat. It turns out fantastic!  I don't adjust for alcohol content; still get great crust and crumb. Use whatever flour type you fancy.I haven't tried using a bit of barley flour yet, but that seems a natural. Spelt, WW, Red Fife, Rye... all great. May add herbs or cheese when I decide which one I want to experiment with further.

We have some great crafted beers here in so. Ontario, so I've been using the most local and working my way into Quebec.

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This was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard they were making a beer bread -substitute beer for the liquid.


Thanks again to all for the info!