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CRAFT for empty grain & flour paper bags

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CRAFT for empty grain & flour paper bags

I have access to a lot of 50 pound empty heavy paper sacks, I really hate to see them go into the garbage every day, does anyone know of any craft that these can ber used? You can email me at      I would apperciate any suggestions.  Thank you Jacki

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Hi Junketlady,

As you're in CA, I can't believe there isn't a recycling center nearby.  

That's a much better option than tossing them in the trash.

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Mini Oven

I can imagine just about anything one can do with a potato bag... 

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Hi Jackie56,

If these bags have residual flour, recycling centers in some places may not take them since they want clean paper.  I bet you could shred them if you have the time and the equipment.  If you are near any poultry farmers, chicken nesting boxes lined with shredded paper cushion the eggs nicely, and when it's too soiled, toss it into the compost heap.  Up here in the Pacific Northwest, shredded newspaper  and flour sacks (not office paper) work great on the farm stirred right into muddy patches to absorb excess water. A few months later, you'd never know it was there. If you have a large composting worm operation nearby, those critters munch  shredded flour sacks like it was candy:>) Is there yard waste recycling in your area? The company up here takes food soiled paper through that program. One more option: sheep and alpaca farmers occasionally need large bags for fleeces not intended for clothing.  I've used old feed sacks for this purpose successfully.

I've heard of the day when flour came in fabric sacks good enough for sewing household items out of.


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I remember those flour sacks, and actually had a Halloween costume made from a burlap bags, and lined with flour sacking. I was an Indian (Native America for the PC) Princess, which must have looked odd as I had Scandanavian fair hair and blue eyes.

My mother used the sacks for all sorts of things, she lived through the GREAT Depression or the Dirty Thirties as it was called, and recycled and reused long before it became the battle cry of the Greens.