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Hi everyone,

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Hi everyone,


I've been perusing the site for a couple of weeks, but was finally motivated to register by some freshly baked loaves that I made with my new (5 days old) wild yeast starter. See my blog post. I won't call it sourdough just yet as it still lacks some character. However, I realized that I wanted to share the results with some like minded people who would appreciate them. Not that my partner doesn't like my bread; one loaf is half gone already.

I've been baking bread since I was old enough to reach the counter top to knead it. I learned to bake "light bread" from my Grandma who never measured anything. I've had fits and starts to my bread baking since then, but have recently become more intensely interested in bread baking, particularly in so-called artisan breads. This is partly due to my increased concern about all of the foods I eat. I'm not fanatical (yet) about processed foods, I still visit MacDonalds occasionally, but have been trying to take a bit more control of what I eat. Mostly because I think homemade food tastes better. I also just happen to like to cook and bake, something that it seems I have less time for than I would like.

I have been impressed with the quality as well as the quantity of information and knowledge available here in TFL and am happy to have found a community of bakers to encourage my obsession. Thanks to Floyd and the other TFL administrator for maintaining such a wonderful site.


PS. If are any TFL members in the Yakima, WA area I'd enjoy the chance to meet and chat.

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I checked out your blog - that's an amazing loaf for such a new and immature sourdough culture!

Nice work.

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Thanks Lindy. I was surprised too. We'll see how it does the next time. I usually make bread about once a week.

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Welcome to the site.  Those are great looking loaves.

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Thanks for the comment Floyd. Still need to work on the slashing technique, but that seems to be a common thread (excuse the pun) around here.