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Tips on softening a hard crust before eating!

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Tips on softening a hard crust before eating!

I'd like to start a thread with tips to soften a hard crust before eating the bread... For example, french baguettes and ciabattas tend to have a really hard crust a day after they were baked (I searched for a similar thread, but haven't found any. Forgive me if there's one already).

What this thread it not for: adding ingredients to soften the bread/crust or other baking methods.


Here are some tips:

- If the bread is large enough, cut a slice and put it in the toaster for 30 seconds. It'll be slightly hot and the crust will be a lot less hard to eat.

Put the bread in a plastic bag overnight, or after baking, when the bread has cooled off. A plastic container will also work.

- By AnnaInMD: Spray the bread with water and "rebake" for a few minutes


I'd appreciate if you shared some of your tips!


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is my favorite.  But if only one slice is needed, a quick run through the toaster oven with a moistened crust also works well.

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Mini Oven

Turn on my oven 200°C  and let it preheat.  When hot, cover the cut end of the baguette with foil and hold on to it.  Start running the tap and .... whoosh!  Run the baguette under the water from one end to the other, turn off the water and quickly set it on the rack in the oven.  The foil protects the open end from drying out and in about ten minutes or so the crust is dry and crisp.  Serve immediately! 

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Römertopf (clay baker) by leaving the top on for at least 95% of baking time, removing it only to brown the crust a bit. The crust is wonderfully crisp and thin and even after a day will soften a bit and is tasty that way or refreshed with the above methods.