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Bread and the Single Girl

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Bread and the Single Girl

Now the question is:  How to make an easy fresh single serving bread for dinner.


I keep popping in here, make a loaf of something that turns out ok but I can't possibly eat in a day or two.  Fresh home made bread goes bad (molds) fast because there's no preservatives in it.

Any suggestions for small loaves or little flat breads.  Doesn't have to be risen.

Thanks.  :)

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You could make muffins. You could make a small batch of rolls and freeze all but the one. Each day you pop one out of the freezer and warm it in a toaster oven. They will be like fresh during that week.


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Breads made with either sourdough or preferments, like poolish or biga, do not stale rapidly and can last up to a week or more.

If a loaf still seems daunting, you can always bake one, cut it in half and freeze half.  Properly wrapped (cater wrapped), most frozen breads can be thawed and enjoyed for many days.

Bottom line: no reason to despair.


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have u ever tried Artisanbreadinfive dough, you keep a bucket of dough stored in the fridge and then u can make a small loaf whenever you want. Trust me you could easily finish off one! This was what got me back into bread baking as I have very small children and find it hard to bake regularly. Otherwise, the freezer is your friend :)

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Here is one of my favorite recipes:

It is from an old issue of southern living but has been around forever.  These rolls are delicious (like heavenly clouds)  and can be made in to any shape you want.  And you don't have to cook the dough all at once - just take out what you need and leave the rest of the dough in the fridge till the next day or so.  You could probably try it with some whole wheat flour to try and make it healthier but I never have.  Happy baking.

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you may want to half the recipe for what ever you bake.  I'm usually the one who have to finish whatever bread that I bake,  and sometimes goes to the dog. Like what the rest suggest,  use sourdough - it helps the bread to last longer,  or use the gelatinized starter (water roux starter), that helps to keep the bread up to 4 - 5 days.  And I usually half or 1/3 whatever recipe I use.  My final dough is usually about 300g.  can be finished within 2 days I guess, if bread is your main staple.

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There's a link on the home page - check it out.  Five minutes a day for fresh baked bread.