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Hi from BC

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Hi from BC

Just found your site today - hopefully I'll get some tips about sourdough starters!  I'm a mom of 2 from Victoria, BC.  I received Maggie Glazer's Artisan Bread book for Christmas 2 years ago and have been "bread-crazy" ever since. 

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Drifty Baker


I had an experience like your only mine came 20 years ago when I went into my local library and found a copy of The Wooden Spoon Bread Book.  I checked it out and when I had to return it after two weeks went out and bought by own copy.  I have been baking bread and collecting bread books ever since.

You will find as I have that this site has a lot of help to offer on starters.  I read somewhere that sourdough should be so simple and easy to do after all those crusty old prospectors did it all the time.  The kick comes in because each area of the world has unique natural yeasts and those critters seem to have a different way of responding to our intentions.

Enjoy the site.  I think it is the best one I have found.


Drifty Baker