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Our daily bread

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Ho Dough

Our daily bread

Or rather my daily bread, as I'm the one who eats it. Not diabetic, but we watch the carbs and this sourdough bread appears to have nominal affect on blood sugar. Typical bake for me is one small loaf...about 400 to 450 grams.....that will take over a week or two to eat:


I'll slice the whole loaf, freeze it and pull a slice when needed. Not as good as fresh baked, but serviceable:


This one was proofed for 6 hours, shaped..... placed in a proofing basket for 15 hours, warmed for 1 hour and baked. A finger poke suggested it was pretty far gone and the slash was more of a tear. Not much oven spring, but still.....a decent crumb and the flavor is good. Normally, I stick with flour, water and salt, but this one also got about 3 grams of light olive oil. They say it helps it rise a little more, is more springy and softer. Hard to say but it didn't hurt. Will probably continue with this.



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I can visualize how your beautiful loaf will look when torn and dipped into olive oil and a few grinds of black pepper.  The open crumb filled with the golden oil and the pepper flakes bathing in the oil.

Nice job ...