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Ingredients in bread?

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Ingredients in bread?

I'm planning on adding honeydew milk tea powder to a bread for a honeydew flavour, am I able to do this to create a proper bread?

Can you also tell me if there are certain ingredients I shouldn't put into a dough.

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as I understand it bread is very resillient, in that just about anything you might want to add, theres a bread recipe or technique that can take it. heavier things might need more gluten to hold it up, or a longer rise since, or that sorta thing.

I could be wrong but I would bet that you should be just fine adding something like that.

I've heard of people adding melon flavor for melon bread, but that was more of an extract flavoring type thing. but I would bet that powder would work just fine too. the hardest part I think would be figuring out how much to add to get the desired potency, as some flavorings proliferate and get stronger when cooked, and others get weaker, and you can't effectively taste the dough(or at least I sure wouldn't/can't...) and see how it will turn out.

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I'm not familiar with honeydew milk tea powder. Is that for Bubble Tea? I've found that I usually need more of an ingredient than I'd expected, so my best advice is to use more than you think is necessary.

I regularly experiment with bread doughs; I've added some rather unusual ingredients. To find the right proportions (and to see if the idea will even work) I use a bread machine for the initial bakes. Once I perfect the recipe, I move to a mixer for scale-up.

Keep us posted! 


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Yes it's bubble tea powder.

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I am not aware of ingredients you should not put in, just be carefull with very tasty stuff (and not too salty..). start with a small amount as well.


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Mini Oven

Where to begin...

Just a guess, but think of your bread dough as a baked loaf.  How many portions would you have from it?  Lets say you want rolls and the recipe is for 12 rolls.  How much is a portion of the tea?  Is it a strong flavor or a mild one?  You decide if you want to add 12 portions into the bread. 

You could also split up the dough and add the tea into the dough.  If split into thirds, add 4 portions of the tea to one third of the dough, 2 portions to another third, and 1 portion to the last third.  Label them somehow and bake.  Present to your lab rats. :)

Another way would be to flavor half the dough and wrap it around balls of the unflavored dough or visa-versa.  Or make half sized balls of dough, roll them through the tea to coat and then wrap dough around them to hold the flavor inside.  Use your imagination and have fun! 


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Just a thought - I wonder how it might work if you mixed some of the tea with granulated sugar, then used it the way way use cinnamon sugar. It might give you an enhanced flavor to complement the flavored dough.

Please, you absolutely must let us know how your breads turn out! Good luck!