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Sourdough Conversion - check math please?

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Sourdough Conversion - check math please?

Hi there!

I have a few recipes that call for 166% hydration starter and mine is 100%. I've done some math and logic. Could someone please check them both for me?


* 166% hydration starter = 100 units flour + 166 units water = 266 total units.

* Say I need A grams of 166% hydration starter in the recipe.

* A/266=X, with X being the weight per unit

* Since 100% starter has 100 units of flour and 100 of water, I'm short 66 water units. So, I need to add more water to the recipe as follows:

additional water needed = X * 66 units.

 Comments? :-)

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You got your algebra right.

Or just take your starter and add in 1/3rd its weight in water.

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:-) Thanks. I was a math major in college and I always over complicate things. :-)

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Thats ok my Mrs. was a MD. I went through the same thing for years. 

Have a nice day,

Mr. Bob