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Hello Y'all

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Hello Y'all

Hello, I am new to this site, but not new to baking. I have been teaching myself how to make delicious, healthy bread for almost three years now and can't find enough time to bake bread. I just finally got around to joinging this website. I just want to say hello to all out there.




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Mini Oven


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Welcome Richie!! You are gonna LOVE this site!! Everyone is really wonderful, knowledgable and SO willing to help with questions or whatever! I have been baking for 30+ years and had NO IDEA what I DIDN'T know until I came here!!
Again, WELCOME!!

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Welcome and Howdy to you,

You've come to the best place ever to learn.  I'm not sure there are enough numbers to add up all the years of total baking, mostly bread, that the members of this site have accumulated.  I came to learn a few months ago and find I could just read the past posts to have enough recipes to bake and learn from.  Hope you enjoy the site as much as I.  There are some really genuinely helpful people here.

Bernie Piel