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Hamelman's Olive Bread

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Hamelman's Olive Bread

I changed the formula to use my 100% sourdough, the rest is as the same as the formula in the book. It's a straightforward bread, autolyse, knead a bit, add olives(I may just have used a tiny bit more than what the book suggested), gently incorporate, bulk rise for 4 hours (two folds), shape, cold retarding for 12 hours, pull out of the fridge and continue to proof for 100min, bake at 460F for 45min.

Semi happy with my scoring. The top one opened up beautifully, the bottom one was "deformed" by an olive in the way. Haha.



And it sings!


Open crumb studed by olives (I used two different kinds). In "Bread", Hamelman suggests to keep olive percentage somewhat low to keep the cost down, being a home baker, I don't have such restrictions, so I added a bit more olives than what's in the formula. How lucky. :)

This bread may be basic and straightfoward, but it's so delicious. "Bread" is  my favorite baking book for a reason: its formulas are dependable and accurate, and of course its explanation of techniques are sound and informative.


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This is beautiful bread!!! How inspiring, thanks for the photos! 

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Thanks for the kind words! :)

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And what a great crackly crust you managed.  Congrats!


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Thanks! I find that it's not difficult to get the singing crust if I just leave the bread in the oven long enough.

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Some great loaves of bread, and I hear you when it comes to how outstanding Bread really is when it comes to accurate and precise formulas and descriptions.

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Thanks! I go back to "Bread" whenever I want a dependably delicious bread, which is a weekly event.

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I think your scoring is just fantastic! Which mine was like that! Would you care to share the recipe??? Thanks!

Happy baking!


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I really encourage you to get the book itself since it's THE must have baking book IMO. In the mean time I am OK with posting this formula since I've adapted it a little, and it's not entirely the same from the book:

Bread flour, 652g

ww flour, 91g

water, 408g

salt, 14g (less than normal since olives have salt in them)

white starter (100%), 329g

olives, 226g (I actualy used 340g), pitted and put between paper towel overnight or at least a few hours to dry

The above formula makes two 1.5lb loaves, the procedure is describled in the original post. Hope you have great success with it!

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Beautiful bread-can't wait to try that one!

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Another great bake, Txfamer.

Love the cracks in the crust.  Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't.  No idea what causes them.  There was some discussion in another thread about temperature fluctuations, but it was just that: discussion.

For me, a cracked crust is sort of like winning the bread lottery.

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Olive bread is one of my son's too,  because its one of those breads that I baked with success.  And yours is inspiring for me to venture into using my newly created starters...wonder if its different from the straight olive breads that i've been baking.  Certainly the more olives the merrier....lovely crust and crumbs.... 

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Wow txfarmer - you seem to have been baking up a storm this week! More olives - good call, and lovely breads.  Regards Daisy_A

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excellent loaf. WTG

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Mini Oven

Great job!

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I feel the same as MiniO.  I have been saving this recipe for the day I find a jar of kalamata olives I really love.  Beautiful loaf, txfarmer!