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Adjusting the Formula

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Adjusting the Formula

This past weekend, my son presented me with the pineapple juice based seed culture he had built (PR's BBA pp 229).  He's an engineer and prefers to make bread with the natural yeast based formula provided by his starter, rather than adding commercial yeast.  I decided to use some of it to experiment with my rye bread.

I fed his seed culture with 160 grams of rye flour and 160 grams of water left it on the counter overnight:

I combined 160 grams of that with 250 grams of bread flour and 175 grams of water and 5 grams of salt, allowed it to rest for a couple of hours at room temperature (70 - 75 degrees F) in a covered oiled bowl, then popped it into a preheated 550 degree dutch oven and rteduced the oven to 450 and baked it covered for ten minutes, uncovered for another twenty minutes, and allowed it to rest on the oven rack for about fifteen minutes whilt the oven cooled.

Results = beautifully crunchy crust, tender and flavorful with delicate crumb