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custard buns

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custard buns

I have a basic Japanese recipe for custard buns.  Custard buns are filled with some type of cream.  However I'm not sure what to use as the filling.  I don't want the filling to be so runny it leaks out of the buns.  If I could get clarification regarding this I would very much appreciate it.


Traditionally to my knowledge, they're steamed.


I've come up with these possibilities:

*Pastry cream




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As far as I know, it's a standard type of custard cream - only a little bit harder than usual. The cream loses a lot of its moisture while baking in the oven as well. Here is the site that I always rely on whenever I need that Japanese bread fix.

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I have a recipe at home for custard buns (Chi. style) which is also steamed using plain flour for the dough.  I can post this if you're interested.  The filling is steamed until it sets using a bit of flour, sugar, condensed milk, custard powder and evaporated milk, cooled and rolled into a ball and then used to put in the bun dough before steaming.  It tastes great too.

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25 grms  plain flour

25 grms custard powder

50 grms milk powder (not skimmed)

100 grams sugar (can be adjusted to slightly less)

100 ml water

50 ml evaporated milk

50 ml condensed milk

25 grm butter

Mix all the dry ingredients tog.  Stir in liquid ingredients until smooth

Transfer mixture onto a deep dish and steam over high heat for at least 5 mins. and stir again until well mixed. Continue to steam for further 5 mins until the mixtures sets and becomes a thick stiff paste.

Remove from heat and let it cool.  Knead in some butter and then shape the stiff paste into a long roll (you can freeze it slightly if the paste is too soft to handle)  Divide the custard roll into  12 portions and wrap it with bun dough.

Chi style steamed custard buns