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New member Intro.

After 11 years living without an oven, I can finally return to bread making! I tried to follow one of the simpler "Levito naturale"  recipies from The Village Baker, but branched off on my own when I couldn't keep track of all the risings, etc.  My goal is to make great tasting, tender sourdough bread every other day for my family and friends.  After six months of experimenting, I'm getting more consistent with edible loaves, but many questions remain.  It is my hope that the cumulative wisdom of those on this forum will speed up my quest for perfection in a sourdough bread.

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Eva?  No oven for 11 years?  Wow, that's exciting, you could write a book about survival :-).

Best Wishes from Ireland

Wolfgang (who is reading a book about the Great Irish Famine at the moment)