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Stretch and Fold with a spatula

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Stretch and Fold with a spatula

In a recipe I found on this forum the procedure ask for:

''Using a rubber spatula or a plastic scraper, stretch and fold the dough 30 times''

I use the strectch and fold technique when I make BBA's Pain à l'ancienne but I am not familiar with this procedure. Is there a video that shows how to do it with a rubber spatula?




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Thank You very much mrfrost. That's exactly what I was looking for!

It will be very usefull when I try Pierre Nury sourdough rye recipe . My starter will be ready in about a week.

Thanks again



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Doc Tracy

I couldn't find one of those little flexible pieces of plastic anywhere. I couldn't see making an order from SFBI for something that was worth about 50cents and paying shipping. I took a plastic easter egg bucket and cut a square out of the bottom that fit's my hand perfectly..

One of the most useful tools in my entire kitchen!

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Mini Oven

It's not a video...

You may see the dough is top side down.  Working around the edges, going around the dough.   I stick the spatula slightly under the edge and let it stick to it, then pull it up and over into the middle.  Turn the blue silicone just a little and repeat.   Then invert, cover and allow to rise some more.  I just leave this sit on the counter top and cover with a bowl.