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Whole foods Semolina Bread

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Whole foods Semolina Bread

Has anyone tried the semolina bread from Whole foods? It is boule shaped and has sesame seeds on it, but sometimes they have it sans sesame seeds too.  The one thing that I am curious about is how they get it so sweet tasting.  What boggles my mind is that I make Rinehart's Pane Siciliano from BBA all the time, and I love it, but it has in no way the flavor that the Whole foods semolina bread has. What can contribute to the huge difference in taste?



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Ingredients label?

You can start there.

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The ingredients on my label read:
Unbleached Wheat Flour, Durum Wheat Flour, Bread Base, Salt, Sucanat

I asked the person at the bread counter to look at the nutritional info sheet and I calculated that each loaf has 14 grams of sugar per loaf. The person told me that the ingredients on the labels that they put on the bag are not always accurate and he agreed that 14 grams of sugar per loaf was probably not right.

I am interested to see if anyone here has tasted this bread and what they think.


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Below formula for variation of Semolina Bread one 28 oz loaf, hydration 62%:

Final Dough
Semolina Kilos Kilos
Kilos/Grams Ingredient Bakers % Ferment %
           0.176 Bread Flour 45.00%      0.052 90.00%
           0.216 Semolina Durum  55.00%           -   0.00%
                -   Whole Wheat Flour 0.00%      0.006 10.00%
                -   None 0.00%           -   0.00%
           0.392 Total  100.00%      0.058 100.00%
           0.239 Water 61.00%      0.040 70.00%
           0.009 Salt 2.30%           -   0.00%
           0.002 Yeast, instant 0.48%     0.0000 0.06%
           0.013 Sugar granulated 3.40%           -   0.00%
           0.033 Olive oil 8.50%           -   0.00%
           0.004 Sesame Seeds 1.00%           -   0.00%
                -   None           -   0.00%
                -   None             -   0.00%
           0.098 Ferment, Biga 25.00%           -   0%
           0.791 Totals 201.68%      0.098 170.06%
Scale all ingredients
Add all ingredients to mixer
Speed 1 for 3 minutes
Speed 2 for 4 minutes
Dough temp. about 72-75 deg.
Ferment for 1 hour fold and place in cooler overnight
Next day
Scale and shape as needed
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Cooking time and degrees ?

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Thank you Lorenzo for your semolina formula! I will try it this weekend.

I have one question. It looks like the Yeast line got skewed. What is the Yeast amount in the Ferment/Biga?

Thanks again,