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Peshwari Naan, Scones & baking stone question

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Peshwari Naan, Scones & baking stone question

I just wanted to share some of my recent efforts!  I do have a question about baking stones however.  Previously I have been able to get by with just baking sheets but the Naan bread obviously needs the stone to come out right. Problem is I really can't afford to buy one. I thought however I had seen somewhere that there was something else I could use (A tile of some sort) but what is it and how do you season it?  Any suggestions would be great.  Here are my photos...


Peshwari Naan - Coconut stuffed flatbread





The recipe called for a very long rise (4-6 hours) with only an initial knead and one at the end before shaping which I thought was odd does anyone know why?

For anyone who is interested in Naan bread (or Indian food in general) I highly suggest watching the video here. She walks you through it step by step showing how to get the stuffing inside and offering tips along the way. I found it very helpful. I made a different stuffing of macerated coconut, toasted sesame seeds and ground almonds but the principle is the same.


And my Scones


They were cranberry orange scones and I almost messed them up because I added too much liquid...



Luckily because of this site I knew I could fix it so I was patient and just added flour until I got it right.


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before I broke out the cash

and purchased a stone

I used unglazed ceramic tiles

info here:

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Thank you!  That is just what I was looking for I just couldn't remember. What did you do to season it?

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I bought a box of 4" x 4" tiles

washed six with warm soapy water

and made a pallet of them

in the oven

occasionally I;'d break one

but since I had a whole box

(really cheap too)

I could just haul a new one out

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You can also get quarry tiles at your local hardware store, or an expensive pizza stone at Target, the big box retailer. I've seen them for about US$15.

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I've wanted to, but never tried to make naan.  Your naan and scones look very good. Thank you for the video.

As for the baking tiles, I don't have experience with them.  But if you do a search on here, you will find a lot of info.  

My stone was a freebie from my parents.  I was helping my dad look for something and there was this stone.  My parents just said, "it was a gift but we don't really see the use, if you..." I didn't let them finish.

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For many years and many fine loaves I used quary tiles.  Mine are very well -seasoned and they fit into my oven just right.  After years of use, they sometimes become a bit brittle.  It is a good substitute for a baking stone .  Also, turns out some fine pizzas.  Your scones are beautiful ! 

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I have made Naan in a cast iron skillet with good results, right on the stovetop.