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Reinhart's French Bread (French Bread 1 - Crust and Crumb) as bread bowls

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Reinhart's French Bread (French Bread 1 - Crust and Crumb) as bread bowls

I'm going to make soup and sammies for dinner some night soon and decided on some bread bowls, so I've been looking into various ideas and so I thought, maybe this recipe would work well.

So I was wondering if anyone has tried it, if it has worked out, any changes they had to do.

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Susan at Wild Yeast made some sourdough corn bread bowls to hold her chili:

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Husband doesn't really like cornbread. But, we were really curious so I did a test run of it last night and the recipe actually works pretty well. I skipped the retarding because it was a test run though, but even thouigh, came out pretty nice.

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Many people just bake small Boules and dig them out for bread bowls and cut ror tear up the bread for croutons. I have never made them , but I would think French has a little less give than a Rustic Italian would for shaping and baking over oven proof soup bowls. Here is a great link for a great recipe and some good tips or making it.

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King Arthur has several bread bowl recipes:

They also have a blog tutorial, with pictures for one of the recipes: