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Today's Bakes

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Today's Bakes

Just sharing a picture of the things I baked today. I'm pleased with the way everything came out- the sourdoughs on the left went a little too long, but they're not burnt. I made 2 sourdough batards (SJ sourdough), two loaves of whole wheat multigrain sandwich bread, poppy seed-millet sourdough batards and two batches of KA Onion buns. My freezer is now well-stocked for company. :-)

Have a good weekend everyone!


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What time will the coffee be ready ? ;~)

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I wish i had the time to bake more than one batch, i work 6 days a week fro 8 hours, go figure. :P but then again, baking little makes me bake more, and i gain more experience this, in addition to the anticipation excitement! am i in the Bread Snobs Group now?

Nice Work there inlovewbread! Your house must smell heavenly by now!

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That is quite an ambitious day of baking for a home baker. Everything looks great. Thank you for sharing. I like the variety of breads.


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So true Eric,

This is a lot of bread to get through a home kitchen and, paricularly, the oven!

Lovely range of breads


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When I was writing down a schedule for my breads yesterday, I felt like I was running a mini bakery. It was fun. 

Thanks for the kind comments. I know, I love it when other people share pictures of what they've baked. 

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You were about as busy as a baker could be.  Very nice selection of breads!