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Two easy and fast rye breads

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Two easy and fast rye breads

The first one is Alsace loaf with Rye from Dan Lepard's book "A handmade loaf". Recipe can be found online here: , but of course I have the book and love it.

Made one big batard and several small rolls. This is a fast bread to make since there's commercial yeast in it. Dan used fresh yeast, but I used instant yeast (adjusted amount).

The crumb is relatively open, and the rye berries soaked in white wine lends texture and a sweet taste to the otherwise earthy bread, very nice with some butter.


The 2nd one is Black Pepper Rye from Dan Lepard's website: - that thread not only has the recipe, but also a very good picture tutorial on how the bread is made. If you do a little search you'll find this bread has been successfully tried by many folks here on TFL, and most liked it.

I started out somewhat skeptical, since only "fakers" add coffee to their rye breads right? Wrong! Coffee, as well as plent of black pepper and poppy seeds, are not here to mask anything, but to provide strong and greatly blended flavors on their own.

I used very strong espresso powder from KAF, so the coffee taste was definitely strong (which I like), the black pepper provided a lingering spiciness, and the large amount of poppy seeds on top got toasted and became so fragrant during baking. Such strong flavors all blended well together, suprisingly.

Using only commercial yeast, it's another very fast bread to make,  delicious with some PB.


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I hope that my rye breads will eventually start to turn out as nice as those. The black pepper rye just looks astounding! Thanks for having a link to the recipe.

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If you are into rye breads, I highly recommend Hamelman's book "bread", its rye chapter taugh me a lot about handling rye.

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txfarmer, these are both nice looking. I've made the Black Pepper Rye a few times and love it. I agree the coffee is a nice enhancer. I was surprised to see that Lepard didn't make a big deal out of the Instant coffee he used. This is one of those recipes that yields a bigger flavor than is expected IMHO. Great job on a bold bread.


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It was great looking! And your sucessful attempt convinced me to give it a try too.

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Always Eye candy, txfarmer, always...


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I try... :)

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Thanks for posting the recipe.  I made the black pepper rye.  I've yet to taste it since it's cooling but it looks nice on the outside. ;)

I didn't have poppy seeds, so I sprinkled sesame and caraway on the top.  I think *crosses fingers* it will still taste okay.

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I hope you like the taste as much as I do! Sesame and caraway would make great toppings.

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Glad to see you are still baking breads.  I just love to see your work.  You are really perfecting the art.  These are stunning loaves.  I bet they tasted even better than they looked<!

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Thank you so much :)