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how to upload an icon next to your pseudonym?

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how to upload an icon next to your pseudonym?

Help please!
I used my account/edit uploaded a small photo under 30kb as required, got the message changes have been saved, but I still cannot see the icon next to my pseudonym. What is it I'm doing wrong ?

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Hi Bee,

That's the correct procedure you list, so I don't know why it hasn't uploaded.

What sort of file is your photo?

I'm thinking you should contact Floyd, as the message you are getting suggests that the photo has been uploaded.   I'm sure he'll be able to sort it for you.

Sorry your last rye loaf didn't turn out.   I saw your post, but didn't feel I could offer much advice on what had gone wrong from the information you left.   I'll have a go, if you post more info.

Best wishes