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Suggestions for Recipe Book Holders

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Suggestions for Recipe Book Holders

What is your favorite method or book holder when reading your recipes.  I have a regular metal stand holder that I'am not happy with the angle or height.  Any suggestions for or where to get a good cabinet book holder or your favorite method for holding your recipe books.  I do use the plastic page cover and find that helps save my pages from mishaps.  How about a photo of your book holder!


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I just open the top drawer next to my kneading board and prop the book in there. It's just the right angle and place and doesn't take up any counter space.

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You might try one of the clamp holders they make for men's  trousers. They will clamp on the book, hold it open, and you then put the hook through the cupboard door handle. This places the cookbook off the counter and  just at eye level.



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this is what I use - but they are hard to find.

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i have the exact same cookbook holder as dilbert. my husband purchased it at home depot many years ago. you could try their website & search for kitchen accessories. it can also be purchased at a cooking store such as williams sonoma or sur la table but they are more expensive


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I have been using the same fold down recipe holder (as Dilbert)  for about eight years.

You might contact Lee Valley (Hardware division) as they were my resource.  They also had a really good mixer lifter.  When it was dropped from the catalog, they were still able to get it for me.




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This one is at but a little pricey.  I like the drawer trick.  Or I just set my book on top of my large plastic bowl, works the best so far. 

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I found a lovley folded acrylic holder that sits on the counter, and is a good spatter sheild for the mishaps that I produce! It is simply a sheet of heavy acrylic shaped into a u sort of, its anglaed back so the book reclines somewhat and the front is taller than the back of course. However it works fine, but it won't take some of my larger binders with recipes in sleeves so those generally sit in front of it, and take their chances that I won't totally drench them in some substance.

I also have a smaller fold up book holder (that one is in my computer room) and plans for a holder made of plywood or wood that a friend sent me, simple to make and quite a good system if you are or know a wood worker.


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Hi everyone, first time poster.  Used to teach no-knead breadmaking what seems like 100 years ago.  I am looking for woodworking plans to make one of those under cabinet book holders for my kitchen.  If anyone has plans they'd be willing to share, it would be awesome.  We are situated in the Fiji Islands so having stuff posted here is costly, and those book holders are very expensive to start with anyway.  I figure I can get it made cheaply here, if I can just find the plans!  Would appreciate any help.  RD