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Shannon Cooks


Hey all!

My name is Shannon. I'm new here (obviously) and love to bake bread. My newest obsession is baking bread to use for things like French toasts and grilled cheese sandwiches, but I got my start making French Bread and that's still my favorite.

I live in Delaware out in the suburbs where it's boring-- and I love it that way. lol

Hoping to learn and share lots here.


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Hi Shannon,

Welcome!  You definitely will love it here.  I'm sort of new.  Been around about 12 weeks and love this site.  I'm sure you will too, and everyone here is helpful.

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Welcome to the site. This place is surely different from any other web food site I've come across. I look forward to seeing your work. We love pictures.



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chip c

 Hi Shannon,  try making a challagh loaf; it's great for F.T.