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Baked sourdough donuts?

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Doc Tracy

Baked sourdough donuts?

Does anyone have a recipe that will work for baked sourdough donuts? I got a pan for mini donuts from King Arthur and I'd really like to try some baked donuts. The recipe that came with the pan is for a "quick rising" donut. Yuck! I've found lots of yeast recipes for baked donuts but I'd really like to try some sourdough ones.

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I am not a doughnut fan and haven't tried making doughnuts at home.  From what I read, people who like doughnuts mostly because of the texture.  There are baked doughnut recipes out there and I wouldn't have any problems converting them to use sourdough starter instead of yeast.  The problem though, if you like doughnut because of the deep fried texture, you probably won't like how it turns out, sourdough or not.  The biggest complaint I've read was that baked doughnut tasted more like muffin/cake than doughnut.  If you do try please let us know how you like it.  Cheers!


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Doc Tracy

Would be very muffin like as it was raised using baking powder instead of yeast. I can't see why a yeast donut would be cake like though. If the hydration was the proper amount and it was an enriched dough why would it have a cake or muffin like consistency instead of a fluffy, raised donut consistency? Our bread isn't cake or muffin like.

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Hi Tracy,

I'm only really familiar with the fried variety; but you ask why the cake texture?

Fried doughnuts are high fat and sugar [and yeast].   So the crumb is very soft, ie cake-like.

I'm very iffy about sourdough in funny places.   But, hey, if it works for you, fine.

Such high fat will also restrict your normally high hydration levels too.   Not a place where I feel comfortable offering advice; I just wanted to address the texture issue.

Best of luck!


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Mini Oven

If you have one.  Otherwise it sounds like it would come out a fluffy bagel.  Maybe it's a mini bagel pan.


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Doc Tracy

I found a non-sourdough yeast version I'm trying this morning. After looking at about 99 "quick" bread type recipes. Must be a lot of people out there deathly afraid of yeast or something.

I'll post pictures if they come out. Otherwise, dogs might have a nice breakfast! I guess if they turn out well I can always try spiking the flavor with sourdough next time with an overnight ferment. Still use some yeast for lightlness.