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Anyone want to split flour from Central Milling?

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Anyone want to split flour from Central Milling?

I'm running low on my whole wheat high-protein fine grind flour from Central Milling (warehouse in Petaluma, CA), and am planning another trip soon.  I like this whole wheat flour for my tortillas and honey whole wheat pan bread.  Several of you split flour with me last time, which worked out quite nicely.


If you're interested in splitting flour, please let me know.  I'm particularly interested in their whole wheat fine grind, but they do sell a number of other flours.  If they have an open bag of your flour of interest, and it's not too busy, they can scale out smaller amounts, but normally you must buy 50 lb bags.  We could meet at the warehouse (if you live closer to Petaluma) or we can divide it up after I bring it home (in the San Jose area).



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I'd be interested in splitting a bag of high-extraction flour.  The kind I'd like to get is called: "Artisan Old Country Organic Malted Type 85 Wheat Flour".

If you're not interested in splitting this, then I'd like to get a whole bag.  I live in Mountain View and I can come pick it up.  Maybe I can help with the gas, too.

Thanks a lot,





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Hi Alison,

You paved the way.  I remembered your pictures and your story, so today I made the trip and visited Nicky at Central Milling.  He is most generous and delightful, and I came away with organic Artisan Baker's Craft Plus and the high-extraction organic Malted Type 85 (he had both in 5-lb. bags), plus a bag of that whole wheat pancake mix.  Can't wait to try them out.  He said they are going to give classes.  Can't wait--that sounds exciting!