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Help! Packing and Transporting Bread

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Help! Packing and Transporting Bread

Hi everyone. I'm going to bake bread for an all day event next month but I have no idea how best to pack and transport. Are there any methods or ways to transport bread while maintaining quality as best as possible? I'm a bit lost here so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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It might make a difference what type of bread it is... soft versus crusty. I've packed crusty sourdough loaves and batards before to take to family about 7 hours away. I put my loaves in paper bags so that the crust would stay crunchy.

I frequently bring over my baking surplus of bread (whatever kind) over to family and friend's houses, and I usually just loosely wrap it in a small linen tablecloth.

Hope this helps, if not- maybe provide more specifics of what kind of bread and what event, temperatures during transport, etc .