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Baking Supplies in Westchester County, NY

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Baking Supplies in Westchester County, NY

Can someone tell me where I can buy baking supplies like yeast, special flour, thermometer, etc. in Westchester County NY.  I live in Somers,NY in Northern Westchester.

Many thanks.

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CountryBoy - check out this website for a restaurant supply house in White Plains:


I got a lot of my favorite gear in a similar restaurant supply house in Kingston, NY. They usually have commercial quality, hard-to-find items at very good prices, especially things like gadgets, storage containers, and heavy duty aluminium sheet pans. For example, the dough cutters with wooden handles I see on some websites priced at $7-$10 were only $1.99 each at the Kingston store.


As far as baking ingredients, you should be able to find everything you need in a good supermarket, unless you want everything to be organic - then your best bet is to find a large health food market or whole foods store, they usually carry some harder to find ingredients like good quality organic flours, rye flour, spelt flour, stone-ground whole wheat, sea salt, etc. Large packages of instant yeast I have seen in Sam's Club, but I ordered mine form the King Arthur Baker's Catalog. Most supermarkets in NY carry 3 or 4 varieties of King Arthur flour (white AP, bread, white whole wheat, and regular whole wheat) - which are all excellent flours. I also got a can of non-diastatic malt syrup (the kind home -brew beer makers use) at my local Hannaford supermarket, which I use in the Columbia bread to darken the crust and add a nice flavor, and I have also seen it for sale in other supermarkets.

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Thank you as always for your very magnificent answers.

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A nice drive and weekend trip to Vermont might be in order for you as well.  My sister lives in Mamaroneck and it is about 5 hours to King Arthur Flour from her house.  I have been there once and will be going again in a month.  It is definately worth the trip up there just to see the wide variety of items they have available as well as getting yourself well supplied with yeast and flour. Just a thought... 

Rena in Delaware

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Interesting thought.  Thank you.

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Aroma Cucina

Ciao. I've lived in the area for over 25 years, here's my advice: go into the city and stock up. Take a run on the Bowery and stock up on the pans, bowls, etc.  I also like to go to the Chinese restaurant supply place on the corner of Lafayette & Houston.

The only place I've found that sells fresh cake yeast is at the Italian Market over at Chelsea Market.  They also have a good selection of Italian flour.

By the time you scour around up there, its far cheaper and ultimately easier to do a big buy in the city. Painful...but true, at least for me.


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Otto Brehm in Yonkers has everything for me and is relatively close:

I only use KAF flours which they carry: Sir Lancelot,  Galahad, Special Blend plus a tried couple of private lable products which turned out very well.

They also carry the SAF gold label instant yeast which is a much better yeast I found and now only use that exclusively.

And I'm not a big time baker by any means so its nice that you can right walk in and buy 1 or 2 bags of flour when needed - cash only of course which is no big deal as the flours mentioned are ~$25 each which is very competitive.

Good Luck!