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Field tirp

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Sean McFarlane

Field tirp

So today i was on a tour of the Zingerman's bakehouse in Ann Arbor, MI.


WOW, its like a giant well oiled manpowered
(mostly) machine, 6500-7500 loaves a day during non holidays(doubles for holidays!!)

ALways something in the oven, being shaped, etc...i had so much fun!

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Did  you have lunch there, too, Sean?

Do they do anything by hand or is it all mechanized?

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Sean McFarlane

No no, they do most everything besides mixing and the sheaters they use for croissants, but no we didnt visit the deli, or h have lunch there, but we did try a couple of their products...and they do a wonderfull job.

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Next field trip take a short drive over to Yipsilanty to the food co op in Depot town. They have a wood fired oven bakery that I visited last year. Very nice people, even let me stay & watch them load & unload the oven.


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I love visiting Zingermans! Did you by chance take a class there? If you haven't, I can't recommend enough taking the naturally leavened bread class. Alenjdro and Shelby are great instructors. 

It really is overwhelming to see just how busy the bakehouse is on a normal day! Makes the 250-400 loaves my bakery pops out each day seem like childs play.

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Sean McFarlane

yah i know 6500-7500 in non holiday season...insane!  Was not there for a class, i work in a bakery, and we took a trip to see how they operated buissness, but i have though about taking a class there b4!