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Sourdough like gum

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Sourdough like gum


I used to be able to make good sourdough bread, recently though whenever I make the dough I will develop the gluten, I can make a windowpane, in a mater of hours the dough turnes into the consistancy of gum it is like the gluten has dissolved. I try baking th bread and it turnes out heavy and dense. this is a regular white flour and water starter. Can anyone give me an idea as to what am I doing wrong?

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We don't have a clear picture of what your dough is like, what hydration it's at, how long it was proofing before it collapsed and so forth.

Don't hesitate to supply details when you need help troubleshooting something, especially online. So let us know what the recipe was, what temperature did it proof at, for how long, etc., etc., etc.. These are things that can point to where it broke down.

I'm sure lots of knowledgeable bread detectives will be willing and able to give you input on possible causes and fixes.

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Looks like you have to much enzymatic activity in your dough, which is explains the gumminess. Too much enzyme activity will lead to breakdown of both starch and gluten, and thereby breakdown of dough structure. Usually this happens at fermentation stage.


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Mebake could very well be right, as your description does sound like gummy dextrose from too rapid enzymatic activity.   Try a different brand of flour.   Also do you add diastatic malt to your recipe?   If so, reduce it, or, remove it from your formula.

Just to be sure, why don't you start a new leaven, and see if that works better?   It's a good way to discover if your leaven is still sound.   If not, well you have a new starter up and running, so you can ditch the old one and carry on baking straightaway.

Best wishes


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A quicker way is to make a straight yeast dough, without starter, using your usual ingredients. If this works OK, the problem is with your starter & you might have to start again. Patsy

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Frequent Flyer

I'm not sure what gummy dough looks like.  I have had the experience of sourdoughs during the final rise, turning liquid-like and spilling over the edge of loaf pans.  On these 2 occassions, I had over-kneaded the dough.  I achieved a window pane but had beat the h e double hockey sticks out of the dough with my mixer.  Only had the problem with sourdoughs.