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Second rise??

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Second rise??

Well, I mixed my dough and let it rise for several hours.  Not sure if it doubled, but it was bigger.  I needed it a little more then put it in the oven again to rise a second time after I shaped it....them....I divided it in two.  If it works, I'll take one over to my sister's house to wow her ;-D  Anyway, the question is how long do you let it rise a second time?

Well, it doesn't matter.  It was a dismal failure.  Think the starter wasn't ready.


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Feed your starter like I suggested 1:6:6 twice a day and when it's really bubbly and double in volume with big bubbles and a nice, clean smell. You're good to go. I'll post a pic of whant a good starter should look like later when I get home.