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Made a new culture. Noticing it grows fast and doesn't slow in the fridge much either.

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Made a new culture. Noticing it grows fast and doesn't slow in the fridge much either.

Anyone else have barm's that keep on growing in the cold. I refreshed 60 grams of starter this morning with 60g of flour and 60g of water. After one hour I stuck it in the fridge and then tonight it looks doubled.

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I don't feed my culture in the fridge (I'm "counter-culture"), but I do store my discards there short term, and i can say they constantly percolate along, without food. I'm guessing, but I think you've got a population that "comes alive" when the food shows up. Which is good!

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and refreshed it for a few days before putting it back in.

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3 weeks ago and fed it to revive. It is going nuts. I have to put it back into the fridge :) I usually feed it bread flour 100% to 70% water.

Must be that new humid air we have had for the past 4 days as well as summer temps here in Maryland.

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How long did it take to revive once out of the fridge please?

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Mini Oven

The various soup of beasties compete for the favorable conditions until they organize themselves.  If the conditions are cold, and you have cold thriving yeasts in the flour, then those yeasts have the advantage to multiply when tucked into the fridge.  (To be sure, might be a good idea to check the refrigerator temp to be sure it is low enough and running properly.)   

Sounds like you could have a cooler starter.  Sounds vigorous now.  Great if you keep a cool house or you live in a cold part of the world!   You can also have lots of fun with rising in the refrigerator.  Now if you want to slow it down, hmmm.  The tricks might include using lower hydration, and even lower temperature and mixing up the dough with ice water.

Just a few thoughts...