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In Search of High % Rye Sourdough Rye Bread Recipe

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3 Olives

In Search of High % Rye Sourdough Rye Bread Recipe

I went abut this backwards and made the stater first - story of my life. Anyway, I have searched and haven't found a recipe for a high % rye Sourdough Rye Bread. So, I have my starter ready, a long weekend, and no recipe. If you have a recipe to share or can point me to a thread I'd appreciate it. I'm old fashioned-something in USA volume measurements would be best. I do have Reinhart's BBA if all else fails. Thanks and Happy Easter to you!

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Hi 3 Olives.

If you want a Jewish Sour Rye recipe (about 50% rye), I recommend this one: Sour Rye Bread from George Greenstein's “Secrets of a Jewish Baker”.

If you want a German-type rye (70% rye), you can't beat this one: Hansjoakim's Favorite 70% Sourdough Rye.

If you want a bread with more or less rye, let us know.

Note that both the breads I linked to are made with a rye sour. If you have a wheat flour-based sourdough starter, you can convert it to a rye sour by feeding it with rye flour a couple of times. And the link that Anna provided tells you how to feed a rye sour.

I hope this helps.

Happy baking!