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rustic? country?

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rustic? country?

This is a question about terminology. I can't tell after reading several bread books and asking a few bakers just what "rustic" and "country" mean. According to Peter Reinhart, rustic refers to wet dough. According to a baker I asked, "country" means dough with some rye flour, because country people couldn't afford to use only wheat for their bread. I guess rye was cheaper. My understanding of English is that "country" and "rustic" are close conceptual cousins. I will be thankful for any clarification folks can offer.

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A country bread is any recipe a famous bread dude finds more than 10 miles outside New York City or San Francisco. A rustic bread is any recipe a famous USian bread dude finds more than 20 kilometers outside Paris (preferably in Brittany).



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lol, that isn't a bad answer. lol. 
Country breads here in London usually mean natural leaven. Rustic means it's roughly shaped, which usually means a dough with high hydration like ciabatta. It's sales speak essentially. 

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I agree, it is just marketing. To me rustic means free form, and country means any sort of comfort food.


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