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Mellow Bakers is Officially Launched: April recipes posted

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Mellow Bakers is Officially Launched: April recipes posted

As some of you may be aware, Mellow Bakers is a group of people who have taken on the baking of all recipes in the Jeffrey Hamelman book, "Bread".

We've already done a trial run recipe in March with several participants, many of them fellow TFLers, and tackled the Hot Cross Buns. And with this successful rum have now pretty much settled the process we'll be following.

With that, we're now Officially Launching into our first group bake with the following three recipes:

Rustic Bread, Light Rye and Bagels. 

These come from the Yeasted Pre-Ferment, Sourdough Rye and Miscellaneous Breads sections, respectively.

As noted in another thread, we will be randomly selecting a few recipes from the book each month. members then have the option to do as many of these as they care to, wether one or all, and post their results in our forum or recap and link to their personal blogs.

Our focus is really on "Mellow" and making the challenge of covering up to 84 recipes as smooth and easy as suitable to your life. Step in, step out, step back, if that works for you, it works for us. The real focus is to share the baking, the learning and the fun.

Open to bakers of all skills. 

Come play with us. We're Mellow Bakers.